2024 June 25


-What has been the greatest difficulty you faced in producing your project?

My dreams and intuition give me the direction where to go and what to create. It all starts with a feeling coming to me. When I do nature walks, images start appearing in my mind. Then I do a meditation and start to develop a musical theme. I stay a few months with that and the musical variations of the theme. I play keyboards, piano, guitar, flute and sax. Then images start coming strongly to my mind, the archetypes of the images and the script to the video come with the images. After the music is ready, I do a draft and then the whole video starts taking life. The difficulty is to stay with the process until it is complete. I have a team work for Sound design, Pedro Tavares, Jeff Silverman  and Matthew Shell and for image design, myself and Marcio Alves , and my creative consultant is Suzanne Doucet. 

-What was the greatest source of inspiration for creating your project?

The greatest source of inspiration is the Transcendence in the Universe. As a Director I like  to have sounds , music, images in an integration of the senses, which is the perception of the moving universe which is impermanent and vibrates. -We need to overcome our limitations and open other galaxy gates on the Path of Evolution. But for me still remains the meaning of Existence by itself. I still have questions that are understandable only by the eyes of perception and feelings, not by the mind or intellect. Transformation through the vibration of Music and images gives harmony for the emotional movement of the movie and brings the audience an inner encounter of the Self. It is  the birth of civilization and of the Earth evolution with humankind.

-Do you think the film industry today has been damaged by political correctness?

Yes. Art should be free of politics! Art is assisting the evolution of mankind as humans, facilitating Ascension to elevate the body vibrations : physical, emotional, spiritual and the evolution of senses and perception of the universe in motion. Fantasy is the most real aspect of the inner feelings of a person. The creativity and imagination work together to build other realities that translate an inner feeling that would be possible in what people call reality. We dive into mythologies, the archetypes appear and we work from that on to enhance humankind. The story of mythologies and archetypes are  present in all civilizations. What is real or not depends on the angle you are looking and from which dimension you are approaching them.

What do you think of the Wild Filmmaker platform?

Streaming services have disrupted the traditional distribution model of movies, challenged the dominance of theaters and altering the way films reach audiences. The rise of streaming services and independent platforms  has affected the film industry and content creators in several ways, influencing production decisions, creative freedom, and financial stability. As a result, filmmakers are increasingly drawn to long-form storytelling or episodic formats, impacting the diversity and scope of movie production. Streaming services can play a crucial role in supporting independent filmmakers and promoting diverse voices. Dedicated initiatives, funding opportunities, and curated sections for independent films on streaming platforms would encourage the production and discovery of unique content. If I didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill myself as a filmmaker and have the opportunity to send my work to all continents. I’m very grateful to your platform organizers and the jury who are receptive to my work, thus providing the opportunity to reach the general public.