Canovaccio (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Andrea Natale

2024 July 4

Canovaccio (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Andrea Natale

-What has been the greatest difficulty you faced in producing your project?

 For many years Giuseppe Vincenzo Sciarra and I had been thinking about this “Canovaccio” project and in 2023 we finally managed to produce it; post-production was completed this year. We had little time to make the short film, the constantly changing weather conditions forced us to make some changes in the shooting, but in the end the strong feeling between the three lead actors Gino Curcione, Brando Improta and Giovanna Asia Savino, allowed us to achieve the magic we were looking for. Moreover, the original music composed by Gianluca Erriu is an added value for the film.

-Do you think the film industry today has been damaged by political correctness?

Today, many projects are held back by this ‘political correctness’, what is ostensibly done to promote inclusion often has the opposite effect. I have always dealt with social issues and diversity is a wealth that must be valued and included in more realistic and lighter stories… Cinema must be courageous to convey a feeling, a sincere emotion.

-What was the greatest source of inspiration for creating your project?

The setting, Naples, from a particular point of view, i.e. a terrace of a house in the Posilippo district, was strongly desired by us and important to create a certain type of atmosphere. My colleague Giuseppe Vincenzo Sciarra and I initially tried to recreate a project close to French cinema and Italian genre comedy. But I think we made a very different film. This question should probably be put to the audience.

-If you could ask a question to a great director from the past, who would you like to talk to and what would you ask them?

I have always had a passion for Fellini’s Cinema and there are many questions I would ask the author. His work is still topical today, and above all his approach to the genre of the “fake documentary”, an aspect that is perhaps a little less well known, is also interesting. If I had to choose just one, in particular I would ask him if I could attend the shooting of one of his films.

-What do you think of the Wild Filmmaker platform?

I think that this platform is one-of-a-kind, and it’s good medium for artists to make themselves known. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers who selecting my project for the Special Event at 81st Venice International Film Festival exclusively on Wild Filmmaker.