“If we want to see the future we are obliged to look at the past.” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with John Johnson

2023 August 27

“If we want to see the future we are obliged to look at the past.” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with John Johnson

-Who is John Johnson?

John Johnson is an American born Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Writer, Animator, Cinematographer, Miniature Scale Building Artist, Musician, Voice-Over Artist, Internationally Published Photographer, Plasterer, Carpenter and ALL AROUND NEW AGE RENAISSANCE MAN. Oh, and I can repair screen doors as well.

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

As a child, I religiously watched three television shows. The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Lost in Space. These shows were my mainstay growing up and my infatuation with Science Fiction continued to grow with the theatrical releases of ‘Forbidden Planet’, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, ‘The War of theWorlds’ and ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’…to list a few. I shot my first film when I was twelve with a super 8 film camera. It was titled ‘On Any Friday’. It was basically a short documentary about the crazy antics of the kids in my neighborhood.

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

I think film DOES bring change to society. I also think that because of the ridiculous amount of scrutiny placed on each and every human on this planet, many ideas (films) are never seen or even considered for screening. There has been a strange caveat forced upon our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We have the right to say what we think until someone decides that they don’t like the message and WHAM! “SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT DOWN NOW!

-What would you change in the world?

My list of things to change in the world is too long to print in this interview. It is easier FOR ME to express the things I find unchangeable in this world. OVER-POPULATION, HUNGER, SELF-VICTIMIZATION, POLICE BRUTALITY, PRICE GOUGING, GOVERNMENTAL DECEIT, CRIME.

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

If we want to see the future we are obliged to look at the past. History repeats itself and we are in the midst of that cycle-change once again. In the late 1990s’ the entertainment industry evolved from boutique BIG STUDIO production to INDEPENDENT production. That fling lasted nearly a decade and touched not only film but commercial and industrial productions as well. BIG STUDIO slowly gained their momentum and took back the crown. Today, we see INDEPENDENT productions taking the lead once again to the point where BIG STUDIOS are shopping film festivals for the rights to INDEPENDENTLY produced films that they will try to develop into feature films. BIG STUDIOS are also developing think-tanks for the integration of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE into their productions. So, the long answer to your short question? If we are all here in 100 years, we will most likely be evolving into a struggle between INDEPENDENT productions and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE productions. Stay Tuned!