Irina Vodar (EXCLUSIVE) Interview

2024 July 10

Irina Vodar (EXCLUSIVE) Interview

-What has been the greatest difficulty you faced in producing your project?

The most significant challenge I faced was overcoming my own resistance, opening up to the world in a vulnerable way, and sharing my truth, hopes and discoveries. It proved difficult to emerge from the wreckage of shattered dreams and expectations. I frequently repeated to myself an Albert Einstein quote, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”Throughout the post-production process, my mind and heart expanded, gradually reducing the emotional scar left by the story. Inevitably, I reached acceptance. But the experience of finding the way back to self has been a powerful challenge. 

-Do you think the film industry today has been damaged by political correctness?

I understand your meaning. I admire the courage of the Wild Filmmaker for addressing a social issue that remains largely unexplored within the societal framework. Thanks to your unwavering support and interest, we’ve grow in an organic grassroots way to 85 festivals, 55 awards and 24 nominations. Despite the entrenched focus of mainstream media on infertility success stories with vague statistics, ‘Anything You Lose’ managed to connect with audiences and critics through the fertile ground of Indie Film Festival Network. 

-What was the greatest source of inspiration for creating your project?

It serves as a memory bank for the time when I was young —a time when I exuded confidence and believed I could tackle any problem. The challenges of the story cracked me open. I was shocked and surprised to know how painful, raw, unearthing and unsettling this infertility struggle may become. It’s far more powerful and psychologically complex than commonly portrayed. My goal was to create a documentary account, both as a personal record and to raise awareness among those who might be traveling in my footsteps unaware of challenges ahead.

-If you could ask a question to a great director from the past, who would you like to talk to and what would you ask them?

I’d like to speak with Charlie Chaplin. I’m curious about the pivotal moment in his life when he chose to perceive the world through the lens of comedy. His mother, Hannah Chaplin, battled mental health issues, and his early life was fraught with hardships. However, after he rose to stardom in Hollywood, he brought his mother to America and ensured she received the necessary care.

-What do you think of the Wild Filmmaker platform?

I love you guys. Thanks for championing my work and being a beacon of the new era. You are a credit to your profession!