“Keep being curious, and you’ll never stop falling in love with the world around you.” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Sahvannah Rae

2023 May 24

“Keep being curious, and you’ll never stop falling in love with the world around you.” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Sahvannah Rae

-Who is Sahvannah Rae?

I am a second generation Mexican American screenwriter and director. As a filmmaker, I aim to focus on raw, unique, and female character-driven films. I strive to create thought provoking content that pushes the mind and challenges perspectives. I made my directorial debut in 2018 with my short film “Ava,” and after 5 years of establishing myself in the industry I created my production company, Skye Film Studios, alongside my sister and producing partner Skye Bleu. Skye Film Studios just wrapped our first feature film that will premiere in November of 2023. Through Skye Studios we have created a platform that will leave behind a legacy of films that prioritize showcasing the worst and best parts of the human experience in the most genuine way.  

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I believe stories are an extension of ourselves and the most important thing we can do in this life is share that undeniable extension with others. My inspiration to become a filmmaker always derived from my love of storytelling. Stories are an entity in themselves and they come alive when they are told. I have alway been fascinated in the idea that anything I can imagine, I can make real through filmmaking. The films I create always begin with a story that is a mirror of my own fears, traumas, angers, or happinesses. Through filmmaking I have discovered the process of witnessing a concept of mine slowly become its own kind of embodiment with a personality and perspective. The stories I tell oftentimes end up surprising me on where they end up going and what they end up teaching me about myself. Filmmaking is much bigger than one singular person and every film that has ever been created was a compilation of countless individuals and their original ideas. I am constantly inspired by how film brings people together. My drive is centered in those opportunities to collaborate with other professionals on something as personal as my own story. Filmmaking has taught me how to be inspired by everything around me, whether it’s my inner abrasions or the strangers I see on the street. My films have become so deeply impeded in me that they often unveil a part of myself I had no idea was there. I feel privileged to make filmmaking a career and storytelling a priority for my life. 

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

I think cinema has always and will always hold a high place in society. Films have been known to shape perspectives, bring awareness to issues, and create a necessary sense of empathy that is widely lacking in today’s population. Films open our mind to new ideas, original thoughts, and can make us care for characters we have never met. It will never cease to amaze me how something as simple as cinema can expand a person’s emotional spectrum and make them better than they were in a matter of minutes. Stories are the legacy left behind by those brave enough to share their deepest secrets with the world, and film is the vessel in which they are told. Cinema inspires society to be honest and unique because when an artist is honest in their art, countless others are able to relate and create a community of authenticity. Cinema brings people together unlike anything else I have ever seen. When people discuss their favorite film, they light up in such a way that makes me believe there is nothing more personal than a story you feel has been written just for you. Cinema makes many people one, and that one is better in every way. 

-What would you change in the world?

If I could, I would coat the world with more curiosity. As we grow older, adults begin to lose their curious nature and with that their sense of awe. The world is filled with so much wonder and we should spend our lives discovering it. Having a sense of curiosity for other cultures, for the nature around us, for different kinds of art, and for the people we have yet to meet will serve us more than any amount of realism. Keep being curious, and you’ll never stop falling in love with the world around you. 

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

In 100 years I see the film industry becoming more inclusive, more experimental, and more authentic, or at least that is my hope. I see classic films remaining classics and film students 100 years from now studying the cinema that makes me cry today. I hope the future brings new ideas and evolves shallow perspectives. In a century I see a world where film is no less important than it is today and even more impactful to those who need it the most.