“Manifesto” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Elena D. Clark

2023 August 4

“Manifesto” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Elena D. Clark

-Who is Elena D. Clark?

Actress, independent filmmaker and entrepreneur. I came to the States to entertain people after I sold my law firm in Russia. I’m a winner of the “Best actress” award in Sweet Democracy Film Awards in 2023, and “Best Female Actor” in Manhattan Rep’s Stories Film Festival in 2021, both for the role of Marianne in a short film “Manifesto“. 

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

My objective is to share my story and historical insights, which I learned growing up in communist Russia, with the rest of the world through motion picture, so we all can learn from those who lived before. 

I’m on a mission to inform people through the film how to avoid the worst mistakes in life management and be financially free, and how the wealthiest men on our planet use their knowledge about Marxism and Communism to remain rich. 

With this, I interview people who succeeded in artistic expression and finance, on my podcast “Boost your creativity and bank account with Elena”, which is a two-time winner of the “Best Podcast” award in 8 & Halfilm Awards and Morgana Film Festival in 2023. 

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in society?

If more people find their voice and share their stories with others with honesty, then yes. Cinema is an audio-visual tool that can stimulate the masses. Cinema shares invaluable experiences and priceless  historical lessons, whilst entertaining people at the same time.

-What would you change in the world?

My hope is to witness a true development of the free market economy, free speech, and the fundamental freedoms and rights that we are all born with.

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

Independent film and personalized cinematic work are becoming more popular, and more independent platforms are sharing that work. I see a segregation in the film industry versus monopolization in the film industry. Technology, increased access to high-quality cinema equipment, and education on how to make a professional film, are all factors that encourage people to express themselves, their passions and their messages through this incredibly powerful and provocative medium. 

It is my view that smaller groups of independent filmmakers will eventually take over the attention of a broad audience, because audiences will have more options and be able to join networks of independent filmmakers. Filmmakers will speak with their own voices and share real stories of ordinary people as opposed to a controlled narrative to the mainstream and made up stories about unreal heros created by Hollywood in the name of profit and power, rather than with love and passion. 

I see a greater level of honesty and diversity in the film industry, unless the global elite attempts to monopolize it. I see that more individuals will speak their truth through independent visual platforms for the good, or at least the stimulation of all. I put my heart into the work I love, with a sincere wish for the good of all, as we choose that the goodness of history repeats itself – and we learn from the rest.