“TALITA l’abbandono” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Damiano Rossi

2024 July 6

“TALITA l’abbandono” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Damiano Rossi

-How was your project “TALITA l’abbandono” born?

It was born from the need to plumb the depths of my profound human nature in a period in which I had decided to bring out into the open all the rot I felt I had inside. A sort of self-therapy in images, texts and sounds.

-Who are your influences?

Many and of various nature. Not just films or directors but also music, painting and art in general. If I really had to choose a director I would say Tarkovsklj for his ability to expand the human soul to the point of touching the divine and his ability to make you feel part of everything.

-What fascinates you about WILD FILMMAKER?

The possibility it gives directors to be welcomed, listened to and not judged a priori for their proposals and the message they try to convey. Which is very rare these days.

-What is the mission of your art?

Try to bring out some aspects of people’s inner lives while watching my films, giving them the opportunity to ask themselves questions and possible answers which should always be individual and never definitive. A very pretentious goal, but I think it is the main purpose of art.