“Wave Man” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Anna Morelli

2024 January 17

“Wave Man” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Anna Morelli

-Who is Anna Morelli?

Anna Morelli is a reunion of various things. In short and in terms of education, I can say that I was born in Pisa in 1977 with an Artistic High School diploma and other subsequent specializations in Editing, Ecdl, Photography, Videomaker, Set Design and various others. In 2005 I began my professional career: as a TAU VISUAL Photographer I have worked for many important international brands and presented many important photographic projects for fashion and marketing, I sell digital shots on Italian-American platforms Shutterstock & Pixtury and I have published in Editorials such as “Il Fotografo”, “Dark Beauty Magazine”, “Cerimonie.it”. As a Videomaker I have developed experiences in Television and have collaborated on productions with various artists such as Andrea Balestri actor in the film “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Luigi Comencini, Pietro Fornaciari actor in the film “Ovosodo” by Paolo Virzì & “Pinocchio” by Matteo Garrone, Paolo Giommarelli actor in the film “The First Beautiful Thing” by Paolo Virzì, and others…. A twenty-year journey that has matured me until I was able to present myself in the Cinema with my debut in 2018 as Director and Screenwriter for the feature film “Cybernetic Genesis – the war between the two worlds”, a three-hour work of science fiction action genre, awarded in many foreign countries and which has received good media success, registered SIAE, distributed in theaters and soon on VOD and available on Blu-Ray Disc. Also since 2018 I have collaborated on post-production and S-VFX special effects, working over time with professional programs and becoming a member of AnimeCorp.it. In November of the same year I founded “Genesis Media Film”, an independent Italian production house for which I am currently President and listed on the best platforms dedicated to Cinema including MUBI and the same organizer of the “Italy Red Carpet Fantastic IFF” Festival proposed on FilmFreeway and WFCN America which aims to bring out new talents in particular in the science fiction, fantasy, action.

Currently (2024) I have full rights as Director and Screenwriter on two multi-award winning international cinema titles/feature films registered with SIAE and I have 3 subjects ready but I am continuously working on both writing and directing to expand my credits and my international partnerships with major companies in the entertainment sector.

Speaking about myself, I can say that I grew up in an artistic context. My father is passionate about video shooting and photography and my mother is a painter/makeup artist backstage at shows in my country. They both gave me a love for art and educated me with an eye for the camera or the lens. I went from painting, to sculpture, to scenography, to photography and video camera… but I can say that since I was a child, at the cinema, I asked myself questions about the production and the directors rather than enjoying the film as an end in itself like everyone else.

I can define myself as very determined and ambitious, a dreamer, very creative and imaginative and I can easily write screenplays in the fantasy-science fiction-fantasy-action genre although thanks to my eclecticism, I can also write good content in other genres such as comedy, horror or actuality. Cinema makes me feel at home because I can imagine without limits a world that I would like or realities that don’t exist. I can shape subjects according to the nuances of my soul and mind, I can enter unknown spaces and I can access places of the collective imagination that others cannot even see. I like to bring the viewer to see and understand stories that arise from the originality of my being. I like to lead the viewer’s soul to reflect on social messages that I love to include in my screenplays even if proposed in a light and different form than usual. Cinema is a complex world, not for everyone, but I believe that those who make cinema are endowed with their own internal world which is worth making visible to everyone, whatever happens.

-What inspired you to become a Filmmaker?

I have always had the feeling of being “tight” in this world and I felt the need to express my interiority on a large scale, a dream come true. Speaking of “way of seeing things”, I don’t have the mood that conforms to the vast majority of society but as far as I’m concerned I consider it a positive side that has allowed me to have that eccentricity, singularity, sixth sense or seventh art aspect that is successful for a good opening words as a Director. I waited for the moment of my debut with patience and perseverance and to become this, I was inspired by the Victories at the Film Festivals, the appreciation received from Juries and Producers, the comparison with Bodies and Institutions dedicated to Cinema and the esteem for my work received sincerely, from all over the world and from other already known Directors or Production Companies. Now, I can only continue this beautiful work. I like to think that something pleasant about me may remain in the future, that I may provide good entertainment, that someone may dream or “navigate” through my films. I like to think that I have contributed to enriching art and culture and have done something great for everyone.

Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

He’s already brought it so far. Man is a set of senses and perceptions and the visual and sound ones are both the most powerful. Since the Lumières, the world of cinema in terms of image, style and technology has evolved together with the technological and cultural development of man, already automatically channeling the spectator or society to process messages, behaviors and thoughts in an increasingly advanced and different way. and imaginations contained in those products and therefore involuntarily starting to shape the behavioral and psychological way of people. This continued with Sergio Leone, Comencini and subsequently Spielberg, Coppola, Argento and other gurus of those times who continued to develop imagination in people. Imagination enriched in turn by greater sensitivity for music (which in turn triggers emotions) and much more. I personally attribute the true unstoppable incipit of creative development to the second half of the 80s onwards with the advent of digital and the first productions containing special visual effects… until today. In short, Cinema has brought about a change in societies, the problem is to discuss the quality of this change. I think that Cinema is a positive refined art but I also believe that since it is in fact a very powerful means of communication, we must sometimes think better about the methods of development of the contents that are produced both from the point of view of idea and writing and both from the processing/post-production point of view. The excessive use of virtual reality, special effects or “strong” content can be interpreted in an extreme or incorrect way by the new generations absorbed by this system and therefore sometimes be harmful. 3D, stop motion, motion capture and the large VFX business are welcome but the simplest special effects are also welcome. An important and fundamental change in the system would be for this sector which in general should be easier both from an economic and production point of view. Instead, there is a lot of closure around the entertainment giants, leaving difficulties for emerging talents who are sometimes very capable and creative and who, in my opinion, could only increase the quality of the already established companies. And furthermore, considering filmmaking, an art as it actually is, reducing costs for everyone. These two final aspects, if they began to change, would certainly be a notable change in society as they represent not only technological development but also human and social development. This would be the great change that Cinema could bring to today’s society.

What would you change in the world?

I would remove cynicism, “social cold” and eliminate money, which has always been the cause of all evil. It led to the loss of healthy values. It’s all about money. Often we are not willing to do anything for anyone if there is no personal gain. How many would work for free just out of true love for their profession? There is no altruism. Often so much envy and for what? For fear that the other will assert himself more economically. There is frost in human relationships, mistrust and indifference. Obviously and fortunately it is not a concept for everyone and there are still good people in the world, so still hope. I always try to see in color and find the positive side but, in general, I would reverse the direction of this cynical social current that sometimes spoils even good things. Finally, I would modify some political systems around which, alas, too many things often revolve.

Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

There are questions that I ask myself every day regarding VOD platforms in relation to cinema theaters and as long as the theater remains an experience with a unique flavour, the strength of digital distribution is impressive. The productions are increasingly engaging, similar to sensorial journeys. I repeat that everything is evolving at considerable speed and in anticipation of the new entry of AI, my question is not so much where the film industry will arrive but rather who will arrive. We will certainly have the opportunity to experience spectacular films at 360° in supersonic and digitalized environments (whatever environment it is), perhaps there will be a real revenge of the rooms made sensorial in 6D but who will produce the films? Talented directors, screenwriters with superlative minds, excellent actors or will they be productions and performances by refined cyber humanoids? Maybe a director, a screenwriter, an actor, an operator will transform into engineers of their own digital avatar? A good question that can only be answered by living another 100 years because this is certainly the current projection. In the meantime, we will continue to offer our best fighting against our future AI rivals.